Business Grammar Builder Second Edition

Recognising the need for concise and all-encompassing materials, the Second Edition Business Grammar Builder presents English grammar at an intermediate – upper intermediate level within a professional and business context. This means the students are picking up on business vocabulary and idioms at the same time as strengthening their language knowledge.

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Key Features

  • New, clear and approachable format - one page of grammar explananation and three pages of practice
  • Includes Audio CD for listening and pronunciation practice
  • New-style exercises that now include translation activities, "Listen and Repeat" and open-ended production tasks
  • Self-administered tests allow students to check their own progress
  • Appendices that cover grammar and vocabulary difficulties and offer a guide to the differences between British and American English



  • Download the scope and sequence and some small units here:

  • Business Grammar Builder - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • Business Grammar Builder - Unit 6 - Connecting past and present.pdf
  • Business Grammar Builder - Unit 43 - Developing an argument.pdf
  • Business Grammar Builder - Sample listening activity Worksheet.pdf
  • Download a sample listening track here:

  • Business Grammar Builder - sample audio.mp3