Campaign: English for the Military

Campaign is an award-winning course in English for the military. It meets the English language needs of military personnel on international operations, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and training exercises.

Our series has been recognised by two English language-awarding bodies: the English Speaking Union and the British Council.

The entire text of Campaign has been independently vetted by officers from the American, British, French and Spanish armies, all of whom have extensive experience of international operations. It provides an accurate and up-to-date reflection of military life and language.

For more information and resources for the Campaign series, please visit our dedicated resource site

Key Features

  • Flexible syllabus which is easily adaptable to any length of course
  • Practical, skills-based approach to ensure learners are quickly operational in the target language
  • Topics are  drawn from authentic international military contexts including NATO and the UN
  • Support for teachers from a non-military background

‘Hugely impressed by this entry, particularly the exemplary Teacher’s Book, which is an excellent guide to the specifics of the military, and elements of professional behaviour (good teaching habits) which should be on all teacher training courses. Very well-designed Student’s Books that welcome the learner in, and allow the learner space to learn.’
Judges’ comments, the British Council Innovations Awards 2005



  • Campaign 1 - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • Campaign 2 - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • Campaign 3 - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • Campaign 2 - Unit 5 - Student's Book.pdf
  • Campaign 2 - Unit 5 - Teacher's Book.pdf
  • Campaign 1 – Unit 9 – Student’s Book.pdf
  • Campaign 1 – Unit 9 – Teacher’s Book.pdf
  • Campaign 3 – Unit 2 – Student’s Book.pdf
  • Campaign 3 – Unit 2 – Teacher’s Book.pdf