Get Ready for Business

Get Ready for Business helps students prepare for the world of work. This two-level series focuses on systematically developing their communicative abilities so they increase their employment opportunities and have the confidence to use English in the workplace.

This is primarily an American English course and there is a focus on TOEIC (R) development. The series does not assume students are already familiar with the world of work, but it is set in a workplace context with characters the students can relate to.

There is a strong supporting website that provides tests, listenings, TOEIC practice, glossaries and photocopiable resources. Visit the Get Ready for Business resource site.

Interested in buying

Key Features

  • A focus on developing listening and speaking skills in a business context
  • 'Viewpoints sections' in which a variety of speakers talk about aspects of culture and business
  • Ongoing project tasks allow students to use the language studied to develop their own professional and company profiles
  • Optional TOEIC (R) test-type practice page for each unit
  • A supportive Teacher's Book with expansion ideas, tests and supplementary photocopiable activities

Best suits: Students of business who need fundamental communication skills to enter the workplace



  • Download the scope and sequence for both levels here:

  • Get Ready for Business - Level 1 - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • Get Ready for Business - Level 2 - Scope and Sequence.pdf