The Business


A four-level course from pre-intermediate to advanced level (A2 – C2) – this is a bold, blended and dynamic solution for any student of business English but is particularly suitable for those at college and university.

The Business has been developed from detailed research into business-related degree courses in leading European institutions, making the modules and topics relevant to anyone studying business English.

There are case-studies for true business scenarios, a full writing module per unit, internet research boxes, and a powerful and unique DVD-ROM.

The Business Upper-Intermediate DVD-ROM

The DVD-ROM is included in every Student’s Book and provides 4GB of extra study material. It is ideal for independent study and includes videos, problem-solving activities (Business Dilemmas), an interactive Workbook, review tests, model business documents, and the class audio as MP3 downloads. There is too much great material to miss – download an info guide that highlights all the great features of the DVD-ROM.

The Business is also the inspiration for our annual competition – The Business Experience. This gives budding business English students the opportunity to flex their business acumen muscles and the chance to win two weeks’ work experience at our Oxford offices. Check out our Business Experience pages.

By the way, the interactive DVD-ROM is BRILLIANT!!! I was playing around with it tonight and was just completely thrilled with all the different ways students are challenged to learn the information. Really a GREAT tool.” Julie Fishman, School of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic

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Key Features

  • The four levels not only provide English language support, but underpin key business skills needed by businessmen and women of the future
  • The interactive modular approach engages students and allows for the course to be adapted to fit a class's needs
  • Students can work independently on the DVD-ROM (included with the Student's Book) and face business dilemmas, watch unit-related videos, view model documents and 'get promoted' as they progress
  • Class audio recordings on the DVD-ROM support the Student's Book with rolling scripts so students can do further practice independently
  • The Teacher's Book really provides two books in one: teacher's notes and photocopiable activities/resources. It gives suggestions for lead-in and extension activities to suit lower- or higher-level classes

Looking for the revised version of The Business Upper Intermediate Answer Key?

‘I have just completed The Business Upper-Intermediate with the other group. It is absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you for such a great coursebook!!! The course is highly engaging and makes the process of teaching and learning an exciting experience.’

Maryana, Kyiv, Ukraine – Maryana is also teaching a group at Pre-Intermediate level with The Business

Check out more teacher reviews on The Business review page



  • Download the scope and sequence and samples from The Business Series. The accompanying audio is under the MP3 tab.

  • The Business Pre-intermediate - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • The Business Pre-intermediate - Unit 1 - Student's Book.pdf
  • The Business Intermediate - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • The Business Intermediate - Unit 6 - Student's Book.pdf
  • The Business Intermediate - Unit 6 - Teacher's Book.pdf
  • The Business Upper Intermediate - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • The Business Upper Intermediate - Unit 1 - Student's Book.pdf
  • The Business Advanced - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • The Business Advanced - sample pages - Student's Book.pdf
  • The Business DVD-ROM information.pdf
  • Download the audio to accompany the sample pages so you can use them in practice in your classroom.

  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 01.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 02.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 03.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 04.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 05.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 06.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 07.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 08.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 09.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 10.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 11.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 12.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 13.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 14.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 15.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 16.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 17.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 18.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 19.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 20.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 21.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 22.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 23.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-48.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-50.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-49.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-51.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-52.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-53.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-54.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-55.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-56.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-57.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-58.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-59.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-60.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-61.mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (1).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (2).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (3).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (4).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (5).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (6).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (7).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (8).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (9).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (10).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (11).mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 1) Track 1-01.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 1) Track 1-02.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 1) Track 1-03.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 2) Track 1-22.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 2) Track 1-23.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 2) Track 1-24.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 2) Track 1-25.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 2) Track 1-26.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 4) Track 1-63.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 4) Track 1-64.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 4) Track 1-66.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 4) Track 1-65.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 8) Track 2-33.mp3
  • Francesca - Pre-Intermediate.mp3
  • Sarah - Advanced.mp3
  • Marta - Pre-Intermediate.mp3
  • Ilona - Advanced.mp3
  • Nils - Pre-intermediate.mp3
  • Bea - Advanced.mp3
  • Wendy - Pre-Intermediate.mp3
  • Armand - Advanced.mp3
  • Margaret - Upper Intermediate.mp3
  • Laura - Upper Intermediate.mp3
  • Patricia - Upper Intermediate.mp3
  • Marc - Upper Intermediate.mp3
  • Boris - Upper Intermediate.mp3
  • Michael - Intermediate.mp3
  • Marcelo - Intermediate.mp3
  • Liz - Intermediate.mp3
  • Jemma - Intermediate.mp3