The Business

A four-level course from pre-intermediate to advanced level (A2 – C2) – this is a bold, blended and dynamic solution for any student of business English but is particularly suitable for those at college and university.

The Business has been developed from detailed research into business-related degree courses in leading European institutions, making the modules and topics relevant to anyone studying business English.

There are case-studies for true business scenarios, a full writing module per unit, internet research boxes, and a powerful and unique DVD-ROM.

The Business Upper-Intermediate DVD-ROM

The DVD-ROM is included in every Student’s Book and provides 4GB of extra study material. It is ideal for independent study and includes videos, problem-solving activities (Business Dilemmas), an interactive Workbook, review tests, model business documents, and the class audio as MP3 downloads. There is too much great material to miss – download an info guide that highlights all the great features of the DVD-ROM.

By the way, the interactive DVD-ROM is BRILLIANT!!! I was playing around with it tonight and was just completely thrilled with all the different ways students are challenged to learn the information. Really a GREAT tool.” Julie Fishman, School of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic

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Key Features

  • The four levels not only provide English language support, but underpin key business skills needed by businessmen and women of the future
  • The interactive modular approach engages students and allows for the course to be adapted to fit a class's needs
  • Students can work independently on the DVD-ROM (included with the Student's Book) and face business dilemmas, watch unit-related videos, view model documents and 'get promoted' as they progress
  • Class audio recordings on the DVD-ROM support the Student's Book with rolling scripts so students can do further practice independently
  • The Teacher's Book really provides two books in one: teacher's notes and photocopiable activities/resources. It gives suggestions for lead-in and extension activities to suit lower- or higher-level classes

Looking for the revised version of The Business Upper Intermediate Answer Key?

‘I have just completed The Business Upper-Intermediate with the other group. It is absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you for such a great coursebook!!! The course is highly engaging and makes the process of teaching and learning an exciting experience.’

Maryana, Kyiv, Ukraine – Maryana is also teaching a group at Pre-Intermediate level with The Business

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  • Download the scope and sequence and samples from The Business Series. The accompanying audio is under the MP3 tab.

  • The Business Pre-intermediate - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • The Business Pre-intermediate - Unit 1 - Student's Book.pdf
  • The Business Intermediate - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • The Business Intermediate - Unit 6 - Student's Book.pdf
  • The Business Intermediate - Unit 6 - Teacher's Book.pdf
  • The Business Upper Intermediate - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • The Business Upper Intermediate - Unit 1 - Student's Book.pdf
  • The Business Advanced - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • The Business Advanced - sample pages - Student's Book.pdf
  • The Business DVD-ROM information.pdf
  • Download the audio to accompany the sample pages so you can use them in practice in your classroom.

  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 01.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 02.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 03.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 04.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 05.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 06.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 07.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 08.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 09.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 10.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 11.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 12.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 13.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 14.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 15.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 16.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 17.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 18.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 19.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 20.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 21.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 22.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 1 Track 23.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-48.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-50.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-49.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-51.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-52.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-53.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-54.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-55.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-56.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-57.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-58.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-59.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-60.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 6 Track 2-61.mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (1).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (2).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (3).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (4).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (5).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (6).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (7).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (8).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (9).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (10).mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track (11).mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 1) Track 1-01.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 1) Track 1-02.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 1) Track 1-03.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 2) Track 1-22.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 2) Track 1-23.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 2) Track 1-24.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 2) Track 1-25.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 2) Track 1-26.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 4) Track 1-63.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 4) Track 1-64.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 4) Track 1-66.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 4) Track 1-65.mp3
  • Advanced (Unit 8) Track 2-33.mp3
  • Francesca - Pre-Intermediate.mp3
  • Sarah - Advanced.mp3
  • Marta - Pre-Intermediate.mp3
  • Ilona - Advanced.mp3
  • Nils - Pre-intermediate.mp3
  • Bea - Advanced.mp3
  • Wendy - Pre-Intermediate.mp3
  • Armand - Advanced.mp3
  • Margaret - Upper Intermediate.mp3
  • Laura - Upper Intermediate.mp3
  • Patricia - Upper Intermediate.mp3
  • Marc - Upper Intermediate.mp3
  • Boris - Upper Intermediate.mp3
  • Michael - Intermediate.mp3
  • Marcelo - Intermediate.mp3
  • Liz - Intermediate.mp3
  • Jemma - Intermediate.mp3