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Business Experience

2012 – Magdalena was the winner of the competition run in conjunction with the Krakow University of Economics. Magdalena won her place by doing a ‘dragons-den’-style product pitch video.

Magdalena’s Diary

“You can’t even imagine how wonderful my time in your office was – especially people, your crew, so open and helpful for me.” Magdalena, Poland, 2012 Winner

View Magdalena’s winning entry:


2011 – Our business experience winners returned this year after a gap in 2010 due to visa restrictions and difficulties. This year our winners created a 60-second product pitch video to gain their place at the Oxford offices.

“I now have clearer ideas about what I would like to do in the future as a job. I actually hope to work for Macmillan”

Alessandro, Italy, 2011 Winner

Read more about Alessandro’s time with us: Alessandro’s Diary

“This experience has been really amazing and convinced me that I want to work in the publishing industry

Amandine, Germany, 2011 Winner


Watch Amandine’s winning entry:



In 2009 we were joined by Pavel (Uzbekistan) and Andrea (Czech Republic) who gained their places by sending in winning entries on Corporate Branding. Their diaries are below – read more and see if you’d like to take part in this unique competition!

“Macmillan defined my future!”

Pavel, Uzbekistan, 2009 winner.

Read more about Pavel’s time with us: Pavel’s Diary


Andrea“A unique experience that has been very pleasant on a personal level and will surely be well-regarded in our professional future.”

Andrea, Czech Republic, 2009 winner.

Read more about Andrea’s time with us: Andrea’s Diary



Karin (Sweden) and Ilona (Lithuania) joined us in August 2008 after successfully completing our task to write about a five-point marketing plan.

Karin“The weeks of business experience I got at Macmillan Education definitely helped me professionally; I learnt a lot about the different types of jobs at a big publishing house and that insight helps me daily in my job. Not only did my English also improve, so did my self-confidence!

Karin, Sweden, 2008 winner.

Read more about Karin’s time with us: Karin’s Diary


Ilona“I can tell you what I told to my employers during the job interview: Now I have a better understanding of what kind of company I want to work for and what kind of environment I want to create.”

Ilona, Sweden, 2008 winner.

Read more about Ilona’s time with us: Ilona’s Diary



Marlin (Germany) and Gislaine (Brazil) wrote winning product presentations and came together in our offices in August 2007.

Gislaine“I had a wonderful time here in Oxford. I guess Editorial and Marketing are the most attractive parts of the publishing business to me, mainly because there’s always creativity involved. But I’ve also enjoyed getting to know more about web and electronic publishing.”

Gislaine, Brazil, 2007 winner.

Read more about Gislaine’s time with us: Gislaine’s Diary


Marlin“All together I had an absolutely wonderful time at Macmillan in Oxford and now I’ve got a clearer idea in which area I can imagine to work on in my future.”

Marlin, Germany, 2007 winner.

Read more about Marlin’s time with us: Marlin’s Diary

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