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Posted by Charlie on 1 March, 2011

We’ve teamed up with Pete Sharma, the ‘doyen’ of Blended Learning, and he has produced us a brilliant lesson plan for part of Unit 14 of  Pre-Intermediate In Company Second Edition.

This is the perfect chance for you to take that first step to introduce blended elements into your classroom..

You can find Unit 14 as a sample unit (with Student’s Book, Teacher’s Book and Class Audio elements) on the In Company Second Edition information page

Download the In Company Lesson Plan

Comments (6)

  • Thank you for such good course

    Grigorouk on 31 March, 2011
  • Thanks very much for your positive comments. Glad you like the course!

    Charlotte on 31 March, 2011
  • I would say the the material on both books are great and easy to read easy to understand as well as very useful and practical for everyday English learning
    who would like to improve his or her English as a second language.

    Morteza Faraz on 23 June, 2011
  • Hi Morteza,

    Thanks for your really positive comments!

    I’m really glad you like it.

    Many thanks,

    Charlie and the Macmillan Business English Team

    Charlotte on 8 July, 2011
  • I’ve been teaching In-company pre- intermediate for five years for students at a private college in Laos. It is a very good resource for me and my students . I can see their progress in the knowledge of business terms when they use when having conversation in class and when they had their thesis defense.I’m proud of them. Thank you very much to Helena Gom,Simon Clark,Gina Cuciniello,Paul Dummett, Paul Emmerson, Jon Hird, Mark Powell, Nicholas Sheard Jeremy Taylor, Jon Wright and MACMILLAN for all the knowledge and commitment.

    Ophat Phitsanoukanh on 19 August, 2011
  • Thanks a lot for all your time and effort. The ppts and material are inspiring and encouraging. Above all you kidness to offer them free to applicants should be highly appreciated.
    Ebrahim Kazemipour

    Ebrahim Kazemipour on 29 November, 2011

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