BESIG Annual Conference – 16th – 18th November 2012



This year Macmillan Education is doubly excited about the up-coming event in Stuttgart – not only will we get to see a lot of familiar faces but we are also the event’s Platinum Sponsor. That means we are sponsoring the annual conference scholarships. This year we will be supporting business english teachers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in coming to the conference in Stuttgart and we are really looking forward to meeting some new faces in Stuttgart.

We will also have a very exciting competition running (more details to come!) and some expert speakers on the programme.

Macmillan Speakers

joSession H2  (Sunday 18th November – 9.30 – 10.15)
Our very own Marketing Director, Jo Greig, explores ‘Busy Business: Learning on the move for over-loaded professionals



JohnSession J4 (Sunday 18th November – 10.30 – 11.15)
Renowned author of The Business 2.0, John Allison gives his workshop around the subject of ‘Should Business English training provide a platform for professional development?‘ This will is also part of the BESIG live online broadcast programme which means John will be beamed to business teachers all around the world!

David Riley Award

Macmillan Education is also the proud sponsor of the David Riley Award for innovation in Business English and ESP. David Riley was a teacher, writer and publisher of Business and ELT materials. He was renowned in the ELT world for his creation of materials for a range of publishers, big and small. David passed away in 2007 leaving a big gap in the ELT world. To remember him and his rare talent, BESIG and Macmillan are honoured to have launched a new industry award – ‘The David Riley Award for Innovation in Business English and ESP’.

 Download the David Riley Award info sheet



We are launching a very exciting competition at BESIG to promote our brand-new edition – The Business 2.0.

Go to the competition page to see how you could win yourself a mini projector!