A series of titles that is ideal for any business English classroom or independent learner. They can be used to 'dip in and out of', as a supplement to a full course, or as an entire business English course when used all together. They are ultimately practical and flexible guides that are indispensible for the professional learning English.

  • Email English Second Edition

    The Second Edition of this best-selling course now includes a section on writing for social media.

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  • Telephone English

    Telephone English deals systematically with the key language for making essential phone calls in everyday life and business.

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  • Presentations in English

    A flexible approach for students to develop the language and stategies they need to be able to deliver successful, effective and confident presentations.

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  • For dedicated skills development
    Meetings in English

    This is the latest instalment in our Business Skills Series and it tackles communication skills for a wide range of meeting contexts.

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  • Networking in English

    Networking in English is for anyone who finds it hard to ‘find the right words’ when communicating informally in the workplace. It is a practical, engaging and easy-to-use course that will build confidence in a difficult area.

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  • Email English

    Based on hundreds of real emails, Email English deals systematically with the key language necessary for constructing effective and convincing emails in English.

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