Aviation English Series

For ICAO compliance

Aviation English has been specifically designed to teach English language skills to pilots and air traffic controllers, and to help them achieve and maintain Operational level 4 (now an international requirement enforced by the International Civil Aviation Organization). Each of the units covers the language needed to deal with ‘non-routine’ scenarios. The Student’s Book and CD-ROM pack provides 130 hours of content. The course uses radiotelephony dialogues to provide a professional and realistic context for students.

Aviation English was the winner of the ELTONS Award for Innovation 2009.

The course is written by Henry Emery and Andy Roberts, two well-respected experts in the aviation English industry. They have also created a test for the language requirements.

Check your Aviation English is a new title that gives further practice to those wishing to prepare for an aviation English exam. It contains 30 units to help practise and prepare the specific speaking and listening skills required. The content has been verified and checked by the Oxford Aviation Academy.

For more information about the series, the language requirements, test-providers and for free resources, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/aviationenglish.
“I was very impressed with the in-depth quality of the material. As a pilot I found the material to be true-to-life and as an English teacher, easy to use.” Britt Karlin, Aviation English Teacher, Thailand

Vanya has been using Aviation English with military students:

Hear more about the series and the language requirements from the authors in this short video:



  • Download some sample pages from the series here:

  • Check Your Aviation English - Units 1 and 9.pdf
  • Aviation English - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • Aviation English - Unit 2 - LOST - Student's Book.pdf
  • Aviation English - Unit 2 - LOST - Teacher's Book.pdf