Business English Handbook

Comprehensive and challenging, this is the perfect book for advanced, ambitious learners of business English. For self-study or for the classroom, this is the definitive companion for high-level business English students.

It provides intensive vocabulary input and practice followed by optional writing and speaking activities.

This is what students at an upper-intermediate or advanced level (B2-C1) really need.


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Key Features

  • It is highly focused - the language has been carefully selected for maximum usefulness
  • Both British and American terms are presented, indicating which is most frequently used in an international business context
  • Mind maps make new vocabulary accessible and memorable
  • Authentic interviews with leading business people are featured on the audio CD
  • Full answer key, listening script and web references are included



  • Here you can download some sample pages from the Business English Handbook:

  • Business English Handbook - Full Contents.pdf
  • Business English Handbook - Unit 3 - Corporate Strategy and Structure.pdf
  • Business English Handbook - Unit 16 - Discussions.pdf