In Company Original Edition

Everything grows up..  And we’ve seen In Company blossom from the Original Edition to the Second Edition

However, we want to hear from you about what you miss from the Original Edition that may not have made it into the Second Edition.  Did you have a favourite exercise that’s not there any more?  Let us know what it was and if you’re lucky we’ll try and pop them on the site so you don’t lose them… Anna Thompson told us about a reading lesson from In Company Original Intermediate and we’ve made that available below.

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Not sure what’s changed from the Original to the Second Edition? Check out this page for a clear ‘What’s new and why?’ overview.

We realise there will be those of you who still need resources for the original edition and so below each of the hyperlinks will open a zipped file that includes: Answer Keys, Word Lists, and Web Guides.







  • Download the PDFs of your old favourites here…

  • In Company Int Global Village SB.pdf
  • In Company Int Global Village TB.pdf