In Company Second Edition

In Company has established itself as the English course for professionals because of its immediate results through topic-based content, active skills, and real-world tasks that are instantly relevant to everyday business life development.

‘Thank you very much for such a wonderful book as In Company’ Natalia Utnasina, St Petersburg, Russia. Natalia has been teaching for over 8 years.

In Company Second Edition builds on the success of the original but is now updated and improved with a host of new features.

(Scroll down for downloadable sample units to try in your classroom)


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Key Features

  • Phrase banks for reference and revision (Student's Book)
  • More case studies (Student's Book)
  • Clearly defined topic- or skills-based units (Student's Book)
  • A variety of global accents (Class Audio)
  • Tips for 1:1 teaching (Teacher's Book)
  • Interactive glossary and class audio as an MP3 download (Student's Book CD-ROM)
  • Photocopiable case studies for all levels (In Company Case Studies)

What has made In Company such a success?

Stand-alone, fast-track units to competence in a particular skill that business professionals will meet in their everyday working life.

Entertaining, relevant and provoking topics and texts have been chosen to contextualise key target language.

Real-world tasks encourage learners to sharpen their communication skills and draw on their own experiences at work, while a great deal of attention is devoted to helping learners boost lexical range.

Grammar in introduced in a practical business context and is now incorporated into the relevant unit along with the Workbook sections.

Each student has a CD-ROM that accompanies the Student’s Book:

  • This is ideal for businessmen and women who are constantly on the move.
  • Linked in topic and language to the Student’s Book, it provides further grammar and lexis practice.
  • In addition to this the clase audio is available as an MP3 download – this means students have constant access to listening activities – often one of the hardest areas for business students.
  • The interactive glossary makes an ideal on-the-go reference compendium of the vocabulary students will come across throughout the course and in their professional lives.

In Company Second Edition is also supported by a Macmillan Practice Online course with over 100 interactive language practice activities.

Not sure what’s changed? Check out this page for a clear ‘What’s new and why?’ overview. Still using the original edition? Looking for resources? This page will take you to the In Company Original Edition

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  • Download sample units and the scope and sequence from different levels of Second Edition In Company and try them out with your students:

  • In Company Elementary - Scope and Sequence..pdf
  • In Company Elementary - Unit 1 - Student's Book.pdf
  • In Company Elementary - Unit 1 - Teacher's Book.pdf
  • In Company Pre-Intermediate Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • In Company Pre-intermediate - Unit 14 - Student's Book.pdf
  • In Company Pre-intermediate - Unit 14 - Teacher's Book.pdf
  • In Company Pre- Int - UNIT 14 PETE SHARMA LESSON PLAN .pdf
  • In Company Intermediate - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • In Company Intermediate - Unit 3 - Student's Book.pdf
  • In Company Upper Intermediate - Scope and Sequence.pdf
  • In Company Upper Intermediate - Unit 1 - Student's Book.pdf
  • Download sample audio tracks to accompany your sample pdf units:

  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 15.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 14.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 13.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 12.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 11.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 10.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 09.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 08.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 07.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 06.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 05.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 04.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 03.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 02.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 01.mp3
  • Elementary Unit 1 Track 16.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 14 - Track14.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 14 - Track15.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 14 - Track16.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 14- Track17.mp3
  • Pre-Intermediate Unit 14 - Track18.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 3 Track12.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 3 Track13.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 3 Track14.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 3 Track15.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 3 Track16.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 3 Track17.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 3 Track18.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 3 Track19.mp3
  • Intermediate Unit 3 Track20.mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track 01.mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track 02.mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track 03.mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track 04.mp3
  • Upper Intermediate Unit 1 Track 05.mp3