Meetings in English

For dedicated skills development

Meetings in English is for anyone who needs to use English to participate in meetings. The course deals not only with the communication skills necessary for a wide range of meeting contexts, but also with the networking skills required to build effective relationships.

This is a self-contained book and audio CD pack that is ideal for use in the business English classroom as supplementary or intensive material, or for independent study.

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Key Features

Meetings in English focuses on the skills and techniques to help gain confidence and build strategies for successful meetings in English:
  • having a range of speaking skills which enable opinions to be expressed accurately
  • being able to listen and understand messages from a variety of speakers and respond appropriately
  • using an appropriate level of vocabulary to describe and discuss a wide range of topics
  • being culturally sensitive when participating in international meetings
  • A ‘Can do’ checklist allows each student to prioritise material relevant to their needs before study and also to monitor progress.

Ideal for: Professionals who have to attend and organise meetings in English for their work



  • Meetings in English - Contents and Intro.pdf
  • Meetings in English - Unit 3.pdf