Presentations in English

For many of us, standing up to speak in front of an audience is terrifying enough in our native language. For non-native speakers, the challenge is even greater.

A flexible approach for students to develop the language and stategies they need to be able to deliver successful, effective and confident presentations. There is a strong focus on creating natural and personalised techniques to ‘find your voice as a presenter’ rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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Key Features

What makes this the ideal presentation tool?
  • It can be studied progressively or dipped into for specific skills and language.
  • It presents language, advice, and a range of powerful and up-to-date presentation techniques.
  • The accompanying DVD follows the progress of real students doing their own presentation course. This offers insights into their learning, models to follow and  opportunities for analysis.

Perfect for: Product/strategy presentations; conference talks; academic presentations



  • Check out some samples from the book:

  • Presentations in English - Connect with your audience.pdf