Telephone English

For non-native speakers, speaking on the telephone presents a variety of new and difficult barriers to natural communication, yet it is an unavoidable and crucial part of the business world.

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Key Features

What makes this the perfect partner for business English students?
  • It presents conventions and etiquette for speaking on the telephone in the English-speaking world and trains students in sounding friendly and polite, making small talk, and the importance of register
  • It provides key vocabulary and expressions used in telephone conversations
  • It develops communication skills for building relationships on the phone
  • The audio CD includes a range of different types of call and models of the language to use in different situations
  • The Phrase Bank provides students with a quick and practical reference to support them in their phone calls

Ideal for: Everyday business communication



  • View samples of Telephone English here:

  • Telephone English - Unit 1 - Answering the phone.pdf
  • Telephone English - Unit 12 - Dealing with telephone problems.pdf