The Business eWorkbook provides everything you would find in a printed workbook, as well as extra multimedia resources. It is mainly intended for self-study or home study and contains material to support and enhance the activities in the Student’s Book.

Language practice

This section contains activities to consolidate the language presented in the Student’s Book. Students can practise grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing.


This section contains a video clip and worksheet to accompany each unit in the Student’s Book. The video clips are episodes of a mini-drama that illustrate the communication and people skills in each unit, along with key unit language. The exercises allow students to practise the functional language in the video.


Students can test themselves at any point in the course using the eWorkbook, by setting either the time or the number of questions. Their test scores are recorded for their reference.

Print and work

This section offers a pen-and-paper version of the activities in the Language practice section.
Students can also download the audio tracks required for these activities.

Grammar help

Students can refer to this section for helpful grammar rules and examples.


This section contains the key words and definitions from the Vocabulary modules in the Student’s Book.


The Dictionary tool links to the Macmillan Dictionary Online.

Writing tips

This section provides explanations and exercises on aspects of writing, such as spelling, punctuation and paragraphing.


This section contains all the audio recordings from the Student’s Book and eWorkbook,
together with the audio scripts. Students can download all the material in this section to a
mobile device for listening on the move.


All scores from the language practice and the tests feed directly into the markbook.
This markbook can be exported as a pdf.