You know us – we like to give you a little something extra to support The Business 2.0 and extend the materials. We’ve got some great resources for this series and there’ll be more to come!

If you’re not using The Business 2.0 then you’re still very welcome to use these resources! They’ll make more sense if you’re using the series but they’ll also give you a flavour of the course if you’re not, so please do make the most of these – perhaps try using them in conjunction with one of our sample units?

Our Little Book of Business Skills

We’ve prepared this small snapshot of the business skills which employers look for. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and trying out some of the lessons from The Business 2.0 which illustrate the skills included. There are full links to downloadable full sample units and their related audio online so that you can show your students first-hand how these skills can be learned.

The Business 2.0 Life Coach Videos

One of the areas that’s particularly strong in The Business 2.0 is those interpersonal skills and the application and discovery of emotional intelligence. It’s a ‘5th skill’ to support the great language that’s being taught and gives your students that something extra to get along in a professional environment.

Here, Carol Noakes of Voice Limited introduces the ‘5th skill’ areas that appear in The Business 2.0 Intermediate speaking tasks and explores the dos and don’ts of each one.

Each video is about 4-5 minutes long – great for showing in class – and is supported by a video script, glossary, worksheet and answer key so you can get the most out of the videos with your students.

Carol Noakes runs Voice Limited in the UK and regularly visits big corporations to help their staff communicate better. She’s a native English speaker and although we’ve tried to grade these to intermediate level, they are authentic videos so will give your students a real, but satisfying challenge.

The Business 2.0 Class Activity Cards

A little something extra to download and use in class. These great class activity cards will inspire discussion and debate and allow your students to use the language and business skills in a highly practical and communicative application.

Companion Worldlists

A selection of bilingual wordlists to help students get a handle of the key vocabulary for each unit.