What’s Changed?

For established business professionals

Why have we published a Second Edition of In Company?

Why fix something that’s not broken? That’s what a lot of teachers have been asking us about our decision to bring out a second edition of In Company. The first edition gained a very loyal following and established itself as the course for business professionals learning English because of its practical and researched approach. However, as teachers of Business English, you will know how fast the industry can change. How many of your students had smart phones 8 years ago? How many now say they couldn’t live without them now? When the first edition of In Company came out we weren’t in a global economic crisis! Times change and we believe the best way for busy professionals to engage in their learner is to make sure what they are learning seems relevant to them and their working lives. This means we have to change along with them and keep our materials relevant, fresh and, most of all, useful.

We did a lot of research into what you as the user liked and didn’t like about In Company and have tried to please everyone with our updates (though we’ll never please everyone!).

Here are the major points that have changed:

  • About 40% of the content is new and updated
  • Grammar and Vocabulary is now integrated into the body of the Student’s Book itself as ‘Language Links’
  • Each level has five brand-new case studies within the Student’s Book
  • The structure is clearer and more accessible
  • The Teacher’s Book is no longer interleaved
  • More authentic listening materials that reflect the global business market more realistically

Download more detailed information about what is new in each level:

Pre-intermediate level

Intermediate level

Still using the Original Edition and need a component? Talk to your local representative to see if it is still available or contact us for further details. Resources for the Original Edition are available here.