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Posted by fauzia on 3 January, 2014

Each year, the well-known UK newspaper The Sunday Times chooses a Business Person of the Year. Last month, it announced the first ever woman winner: Moya Greene.

Moya Greene is the Canadian-born business woman who became the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Mail plc in 2010. She took over a 500-year old state-run company which was not profitable in its core business, despite dealing with an average of 58 million items per day. Unlike privately-owned delivery services, the Royal Mail must deliver post to anywhere in the country, no matter how far, for a fixed cost.

Greene’s achievement in speeding up the process of modernisation paved the way for the government to privatise the company. The Royal Mail was finally floated on the stock exchange last October, making Moya Greene one of just four female FTSE 100 chief executives. Her achievement in overseeing this historical privatisation makes her a worthy winner of the Sunday Times award.

Greene was previously the chief executive of Canada Post, the equivalent of the Royal Mail in Canada. She has a strong track record in strategic planning and negotiating. She has been described as ‘inspiring awe’; relentless; and very effective – someone who can ‘get the job done’.

What does the future hold for the post service? We know that sending letters continues to decline. Nevertheless, sending parcels boomed over Christmas. The hope is that online shopping will continue to grow, and so too will the number of people sending parcels. 

Questions you may wish to ask your students:

 How efficient is the postal service in your own country?

Who would you nominate as ‘Business Person of the Year’? Why?

What qualities do you admire in a CEO?


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