In Company – Reviews and Customer Feedback

Teachers and reviewers from around the world give us feedback on In Company Second Edition

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‘After nearly two months working with “In company upper intermediate” I can honestly say that the method is a hit with the students. I find the student’s book very interesting and challenging.

What really attracts me in the “In company” method is the amount of opportunities it gives for the students to express themselves using very interesting articles that are relevant to their everyday life.’

Odile Crooke, France


‘Thank you very much for such a wonderful book as In Company Upper Intermediate.’

Natalia Utnasinahas, St.Petersburg, Russia. Natalia has been teaching for 8 years.

Doris uses In Company Second Edition and tells us why it works for her:


‘We have chosen In Company (Intermediate) as our basic textbook and we really enjoy every unit of this amazing book.’

Helen Yemelyanova, Sumy, Ukraine. Helen teaches English at the Academy of Banking, Higher State Educational Establishment.