Meet the Authors

At Macmillan Education, our authors are our life blood. They have the teaching expertise and the skills to communicate their knowledge to students and teachers across the world.

So whether you need to know more about one of our courses, how best to tackle a particular subject, topic or situation, or you just want another perspective on something, then you might be interested to hear straight from the people who know… Our authors.

Here you can see some of Business English authors talking direct to you about their books, their ideas and their experiences.

Mark Powell

Mark Powell is one of our main authors of the In Company series and has worked on the course since its inception right through to the latest Second Edition. Marketing Director, Jo Greig, caught up with him at BESIG 2010 (Bielefeld)

You can read a short bio of Mark Powell on our dedicated author page at

Pete Sharma

Pete Sharma can often be seen popping up at Business English conferences across the world and is also an expert and advocate on bringing digital into the classroom. Here he talks us through his latest Business English title – Networking in English

Pete has also worked on the In Company series and written one of our books for teachers – Blended Learning.  He also has a brilliant website of his own – well worth checking out – You can read more about Pete Sharma on his bio page

Henry Emery and Andy Roberts

These two gentlemen make up our author team for our Aviation English series.  Here they talk us through the ICAO language requirements, their titles and how they work together.

They have also worked together teaching, teacher and rater training and on writing their own test for Aviation English. Find out more from their website

Andy has also done a webinar for us on the importance on pronunciation in an Aviation English context. A recording of this webinar is available now.

Ileana Chersan

Ileana is one of our authors of English for Law Enforcement. Her experience of teaching at a police academy has put her in the ideal position to give great advice about writing for and teaching in this area. Here, she talks about the course and the people who can benefit from it.