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It’s easy for us to tell you that our books are what you need.  So here are some other people who think we are doing ok!

There are so many positive things about The Business and In Company Second Edition we’ve had to give them their own review pages!

Vist the In Company Second Edition review page

Visit The Business review page

Vanya has been using Aviation English for over two years:

Mike tells us why he loves The Business English Handbook

‘Both myself, our teachers and students are extremely happy with The Business series and all other Macmillan teaching books, which are the basis of our courses.’

Lisa Latham, Bavaria, Germany. Lisa runs a language school and provides language classes mainly in local companies.

These are all real people. We haven’t twisted their arms or asked them tricky questions to get these answers – they wanted to tell us this. We love hearing your feedback. Whatever you have to tell us you can tell us through the ‘Contact us’ tab at the top of the page.